There is a growing presence of buyers with the arrival of manager of the biggest purchases of retail groups that will give way to Bells excellent food and national conquer space on their shelves. Three days of training in the event organized by Progecta. Italian Federation of Chefs present with chef delegations from all over Italy

Sunday, November 18 at the Overseas Exhibition in Naples opens the doors of gustus, Expo agribusiness and Dine and technology for the professional kitchen.

The event organized by Progecta of Angel de Negri is now in its fifth edition and is now an established reference point, the only event in south-center dedicated to the encounter between supply and demand in the Italian agricultural sector, with an eye to the obviously very interested productive excellence of the territory to which reference also proposes gustus year new elements to help in expansion and internationalization.

Embracing 360 degrees everything that pertains to the field of taste, gustus reserves plenty of opportunity to the catering protagonists, who are among the end users of the products on display, giving them training sessions, both theoretical and practical.

Visitors to gustus will have the chance to meet the best suppliers of the food industry, food and wine and discover the most interesting news of agribusiness, technology and equipment for the professional catering.

Among the exhibitors this year confirms the presence of major companies in the food sector and the commerce that will be able to exclusively meet the directors and purchasing managers, administrators, hotel owners, hotel chains, accommodation facilities and chains Restaurants.

Three days will be full of events, with numerous opportunities for discussion, internationalization of businesses in the South, the Mediterranean diet, and then the great agricultural tradition of the Campania Region, the primates of enterprises in technological innovation, the transformation in respect of traditions, sustainability and safety but also new professions.

A GUSTUS 2018 la Regione Campania sarà presente con il FEAMP ossia il fondo per la politica marittima e della pesca dell’UE nel periodo di programmazione 2014-2020. Si tratta di uno dei cinque fondi strutturali e di investimento europei (fondi SIE), attraverso il quale l’UE cofinanzia il PO (Programma Operativo) FEAMP Italia 2014-2020. La partecipazione dell’ente regionale attraverso il FEAMP servirà a mettere in evidenza quest’anno l’importanza del comparto pesca nello sviluppo agroalimentare con un focus particolare sul pesce azzurro nella dieta mediterranea che così anche in questa edizione sarà uno dei modelli alimentari e nutrizionali al centro dell’attenzione.

Also present was the Chamber of Commerce of Naples SI enterprise that once again will showcase the excellent food and the province of Naples.


Among the main new features of Gustus 2018 there is the lively pace of the large retail brands wishing to use the opportunity provided by the three days Overseas Exhibition to choose the excellence of the food production of the local bell production, from southern and Italian propose on the shelves to their customers in order to increase product supply.

In this sense Gustus host among others the Carrefour manager, Flor do Cafe, Ciro Amodio,

Exhibiting companies will have instead a chance to network with the same distribution chain, increasing the growth prospects of their business volumes.


Uno dei momenti ludici, ma anche di aggiornamento professionale, è quello riservato agli showcooking che ogni anno attirano la curiosità dei visitatori e anche degli stessi chef, pronti a carpire i segreti dei vari protagonisti che si succedono fra i fornelli di GUSTUS. Così, dopo averla scelta come sede del proprio Congresso che si svolge ogni due anni, la Federazione Italiana dei Cuochi ha deciso di tornare all’Expo organizzato da Progecta per incontrare i suoi iscritti e, fra una ‘spadellata’ e l’altra, per regalare grazie agli chef in arrivo da tutta Italia ed a quelli dell’URCC – Unione Regionale Cuochi Campania -, qualche buon consiglio a chi vuole migliorare le sue qualità professionali o più semplicemente, vuole dare un tocco in più ai suoi piatti.


Prepare and cook the meat? It 'something by professionals. Sunday 18 and Monday, November 19, in the Academy hall to Gustus 2018, will explain the Federcarni Masters who will enliven the free courses of professional training with the goal of promoting the product is cooked and raw meat, and enhancing the role of butcher.

The courses will be tutorial with detailed technical explanations and tasting of the dishes prepared during the class. The work will be led by the President of Federcarni Napoli Pietro Pepe, from gourmet master Giovanni Iorio and butchers team Federcarni Naples.

Participants also the president of Lazio Federcarni Mara La Bella, President of Federcarni Grosseto Andrea Laganga ,, the president of Federcarni Toscana Alberto Rossi and Riccardo Marketing expert Giorgi.


In addition to focusing on agribusiness and food news and developments, in 2018 gustus we will talk about Technology

Industry professionals who visit the Expo will be able to discover the evolution in the field of catering and management of the company that makes constant progress thanks to more and more advanced technologies. By then innovation will speak Tuesday, November 20 at 15:30 during delconvegno "NOSTRUM FOOD PROJECT: QUALITY AND INNOVATION" with the participation of organizations and professional subjects of agribusiness and innovation world, CREA (Research Council and Agricultural Economics) and local institutions and national.