Naples and coffee, a combination that knows no crisis. Witness the excitement that the lives of the roasting industry where, next to historic brands that work the beloved bean, there is a young segment of the industry operating in the tradition.

And 'the case of Italian coffee, a company for a few years in the industrial area of ​​Naples.

Impresa giovane ma che nasce nel segno della tradizione. “La nostra è una torrefazione tipica napoletana che propone tutta la gamma del caffè tostato – dice il direttore marketing Vincenzo Desiderio – A garanzia della bontà della nostra ‘impresa’ c’è il fatto che le sue radici affondano nel terreno dell’esperienza di maestranze che operano in questo settore da oltre 40 anni”.

Italian Coffee already has its own specific brand that distributes on the market: "Our forte is Expresso - explains Desire - a product that can be found already in 300 eateries in the area. Participation in Gustus will be helpful in increasing the knowledge of our company and above all possible to increase the number of eateries served. "

The Neapolitan salon which weapon to penetrate better than the national territory but is not the only target market of Italian coffee. The facts show that when you feel the Italian hand, coffee is appreciated more.

"Our product resell abroad, especially in northern Europe, in North America and in the Maghreb. But we operate in a manner also important in France, Germany and the countries of Eastern Europe. "