Press release Gustus continues to grow and conquers new sectors of the agri-food and technology market
The Progecta Expo wins new acclaim and broadens the range of action: favored [...]
The taste is great gia
Great Gustus was born, the agri-food and technology expo for the kitchen [...]
Progecta: Secrets of a successful business
61 editions for 8 multi-sector fairs in 23 years of activity, 2 new fairs for 2020. [...]
Chefs and wellness cuisine
The presence of the Italian Federation of Chefs is one of the main elements of prestige [...]
At the table with the University
Federico II University also takes the field at GUSTUS 2019 which, with the Department of [...]
Space for technology
In the technological area of ​​GUSTUS, the presence of international industries is growing with [...]
A project to combat food waste
The size of food waste is considerable. The European catering sector will [...]
The territory on the table
Among the stands of GUSTUS a real path will be created among the excellences [...]
Top-of-the-range cuisine - the stars shine even in Gustus
From 17 to 19 November at the Mostra d'Oltremare the appointment with the Expo [...]
Gustus 2019 presentation - A real bargain fair
Presentation Gustus 2019 - A real bargain fair PROFESSIONAL SALON [...]
Press release - Gustus 2019 enters the kitchen for training and the fight against food waste
From 17 to 19 November at the Mostra d'Oltremare the appointment with the Expo [...]



Gustus convinces businesses Ambrosia: participation for the 2017 edition
The Expo weblog Progecta, sees growing by 50% both exhibitors and operators already [...]
starred Chef ... in Show
From the restaurant and, in some cases, from TV to the Overseas Exhibition. And 'the way that [...]
Thus is formed a caterer
staff skills and new techniques in the management of the premises: Gustus so you [...]
Elite Of Chef and manufacturing excellence: Gustus 2017 moves to the south of the center of gravity Italian agri-food business
Growing participation in the Expo of Mediterranean flavors created by Progecta that [...]
Napoli, Gustus 2017: great expectations for the intervention of the Starry Chef Enrico Crippa
"The cook today, and falls outside the image they have built the media, [...]
The Absolute Olympic Champion Domenico Gustus Lucignano in 2017 in the capital of Campania
It is one of the faces of the younger Italian Federation of Chefs and also among the most [...]
Gustus 2017 hosts the 29th National Congress of the Italian Federation of Chefs for the first time in Naples
At Overseas Exhibition from 19 to 21 November appointment with the elite of the kitchen [...]


3rd edition 2016 Gustus
Gustus hits the target: bells excellence in flight in the world success of [...]
Meet & Match: the Campania offers to the world
Did you happen to get into a bar in Aix en Provence, the beautiful town on the outskirts [...]
From November 20 to 22 in Naples there Gustus, the agribusiness and Enogastronomy Fair
In Naples it is already time to Gustus. In fact approaching the third edition of the Fair [...]
The chef Gianfranco Vissani celebrates its 65 years in Gustus
Naples, November 22, 2016 - Surprise party for Gianfranco Vissani to show [...]
Norcia no stops and starts from Gustus
supportive presence of Umbrian producers in Naples who launch a clear message: at the end of [...]
iPratico door dining in the future
During the third edition of Gustus, scheduled at the Overseas Exhibition in Naples [...]
Gianfranco Vissani opens tomorrow the third edition of Gustus
At Overseas Exhibition until Tuesday 22, is the third edition of the Expo [...]
Gustus hits the target: excellence bells in flight in the world
Success of participation for agribusiness Fair: over 8500 visitors. Diet [...]
Norcia no stops and starts from Gustus
supportive presence of Umbrian producers in Naples who launch a clear message: at the end of [...]
Cooking show of Gianfranco Vissani
The cooking show of Gianfranco Vissani and Gennaro Amitrano is scheduled for Monday, November 21 [...]
The In-Between S.p.A. is an international forwarding company founded in 1988. Its headquarters are [...]
A Gustus 2016 focus on food processing and quality tecnlogia
Attendance prestige in the stands, as well as many confirmations, make the salon organized by [...]
Gustus: innovation and opportunities for Southern enterprises in an industry that is transformed
Presented Industrial Union of Naples, the third edition of the Fair [...]
Gustus: Naples capital, agribusiness
- Started well Expo organized by Progecta. unanimous praises of the Ministry of [...]
Gustus 2016: All the chefs to school Visscher
The popular chef among the active participants of the third edition of the Expo [...]
Gustus puts me Made in Italy Featured
From 20 to 22 November 2016 in Naples the third edition of the Agro-food and [...]


Gustus wins the challenge and reply as early June 2015
Positive results for the first appointment with the agribusiness fair. In summer [...]


Associazione Slow Food Campania: Slow Food Campania a Gustus
Slow Food Campania Via Vellaria, snc - 81030 Falciano del Massico (Ce) [...]
Se.Vin: the wine is young (and woman)
The cellar is (also) woman. It happens between Roccamonfina and Galluccio, in the province of Caserta. [...]
D'Avino: the packet of sugar as a business card
A simple gesture, to open a packet of sugar, pour the contents into the [...]
Ciro Curcio, where does the piennolo
Tomato processing Piennolo, the dop, from production to [...]
GUSTUS is here, the salon that puts Mediterranean flavors at the center of business
Press release 01-14 In December the Overseas Exhibition of Naples is in the [...] program
Group leaders also Fiorucci for institutional kitchens
Large restaurant chains but also many private consumption points. And 'the image [...]
Berne, milk zero kilometer
Milk and dairy products, and not only those, zero kilometer. Indeed, zero meters. IS' [...]
Antico Molino Caputo for the quality craftsmanship
The tradition of Campania agro counts among its specialties the Old Mill [...]
Niko Romito and Pasta Garofalo present: Unforketable Italian cuisine at your home for a renaissance of great classics without secrets
Look. Kitchen. Tastes. These are the three words that describe Unforketable, first [...]
HAM with the hamburger becomes chic
The burger from the bun passes to the plate and become a gourmet product. And 'the result [...]
Dolciaria Acquaviva, when the craft is an industrial
The pastry laboratory that churned out croissants and pastries frozen Neapolitan typical [...]
Vincenzo Caputo and nutritional principles of dried fruit
Walnuts and hazelnuts, especially in our area, to affirm the principles of healthful [...]
Risoellebì: Campania product to Piedmontese origin
Rice, typically produced pimontese but also of Southern production product. Rather, [...]
Italian cafe in the name of tradition
Naples and coffee, a combination that knows no crisis. Witness the excitement that lives [...]
Fratelli Tedesco: cannoli conquers Australia
Did you know that the Sicilian cannoli they eat in Australia is… Neapolitan? Is exactly [...]