Voucher for participation in the fair in 2019 with a grant of up to € 5,000

Also this fourth edition sees the participation of selected international buyers from 'the ICE-Institute of Foreign Trade, interested in the Made in Italy, has always been synonymous with tradition and quality.

The last edition were present buyers from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Israel, Albania.

This year the selection of buyers' delegation is done on buyers and distributors of European countries, particularly Germany, England, Spain, Holland, Scandivi countries, Poland and Serbia and Montenegro in strong development on FOOD MADE IN ITALY.

The Italian buyers are selected by a technical committee specializing in the intersection between demand and supply of products and services of the FOOD.

This delegation consists of buyers HO.RE.CA. selected among directors and purchasing managers of hotels, Hotel Chains, accommodation, Restaurants, Food chains and buyers of Greater selected distribution between managers and buyers of distribution centers, Wholesalers retail, Import / Export, Cash & Carry, specialty shops and delicatessen.