Amodio The Group has a long history of over 130 years in the dairy industry, a tradition that has been handed down for four generations characterized by craftsmanship, quality and freshness.

The strength is the realization of an industrial product that maintains the taste and flavor of artisan production, this is the result of careful organization of all stages of production, from processing of high-quality raw materials, carefully checked and selected .

This setting allows you to Amodio Group to ensure a range of products of the Dairy Neapolitan tradition which, processed by expert hands respectful of the land, they are valued and recognized around the world.

The production offers a wide and complete range among which the spun paste products, in particular the Fior di latte, in the vein sizes, cubes, julienne and match, has a taste and a unique flavor, ideal for making great pizza Neapolitan.

The Amodio Group will be present at Gustus to promote its excellence with the prestigious dairy Sorrento!